TIP! Making sure your bathroom practices are as hygienic as possible can also make it less likely that you’ll develop external hemorrhoids. Select toilet paper that is soft and doesn’t leave behind a residue, and wipe yourself with a moist wipe after defecating.

You will be able to learn information you need to know about hemorrhoids in the following article. Hemorrhoids are very common, but without the proper knowledge it becomes easy to prevent or treat them.

TIP! Are you aware there are many items in your kitchen that can lessen the symptoms of hemorrhoids? An ice pack can be improvised by wrapping ice in cloth or even putting it in a baggie. When you use an ice pack you can decrease any soreness you have that is caused by your hemorrhoids.

A basic and easy home treatment for hemorrhoids is the application of first ice, next heat. If you use both heat and ice, you can reduce the size of a hemorrhoid and ensure it will heal properly. Keep the ice on the affected area at least ten minutes every day, then follow it up with moist, warm heat for twenty minutes.

TIP! Ice is commonly used as a means of alleviating hemorrhoid pain. Hemorrhoids can cause a good bit of pain.

Eat whole wheat bread to facilitate the digestive process. Your skin can also be less irritated and red after eating this product. The next time you make a sandwich, go with wheat bread instead!

TIP! If hemorrhoids are a problem for you, drink plenty of water and add a bit of lemon to each glass. Lemon’s soothing qualities can decrease the pain and itchiness of hemorrhoids.

Understanding exactly what a hemorrhoid is will go a long way in helping to ease your concern. If hemorrhoids irritate you or a loved one, learn all you can. The fundamental concept behind hemorrhoids is that they are a cluster of nerves that have swelled and become painful.

TIP! Hemorrhoids feel like chicken pox around your anus, and you should not scratch them. You should not scratch the hemorrhoids because this can tear them open.

Believe it or not, heavy lifting may cause you to get hemorrhoids. This physical, muscular strain is similar to the pressure that you exert when you are constipated. If you’re having hemorrhoids on a regular basis, you need to consider somehow eliminating all heavy lifting.

TIP! There are some laxatives that you shouldn’t rely on if you do suffer from hemorrhoids. While laxatives can help in a pinch, they are meant for infrequent use.

Avoid reliance upon laxatives to alleviate constipation when your hemorrhoids are inflamed. Laxatives are meant to be a temporary solution to constipation, not hemorrhoids. If your constipation is chronic, you need to make dietary changes, such as adding more fiber to help regulate your bowel movements.

Losing Weight

TIP! Make sure you drink plenty of water. This is the best way to prevent hemorrhoids from developing.

If you want to relieve your hemorrhoid pains, shed your unwanted pounds. Hemorrhoids usually affect those who are overweight. Excess weight can place undue strain and pressure on the veins in your rectal area. Foods that are high in fiber can alleviate pressure, so consider this when choosing a regime for losing weight. As a word of caution, you should never use laxatives solely as a means of losing weight. Doing so will not help you to avoid hemorrhoids and may even exacerbate the condition.

TIP! Eat foods that are high in fiber. Stools will inevitably be softer when fiber is present in the diet on a regular basis.

Take a quick walk before using the washroom to help ease constipation. Walking will stretch your body out and get your digestion moving again. This can help you avoid straining unnecessarily, which can make your hemorrhoids more irritated and painful. Walk briskly for about 15 minutes.

TIP! It is important that you are always hydrated. If your body needs more water, it absorbs water from stools.

Try taking a daily fiber supplement when you do not eat enough veggies or fruit. Spread the supplements out throughout the day and be sure to drink 64 ounces of water daily to avoid discomfort.

TIP! To avoid hemorrhoids, do not spend a lot of time on the toilet. When you sit on the toilet and do other activities like read you can actually cause strain to yourself unconsciously.

Water is an effective way to soothe and even treat hemorrhoids. Soak the area in slightly warm water often. Try this at least 10 minutes each day. Also apply cold compresses. Try buying a toilet bath, as you can find them at most pharmacies.

TIP! One way to make it easier to defecate is to consume aloe vera juice regularly. If you can’t stand the taste, consider mixing it with some apple juice.

Consume a diet that is rich in fiber. A high-fiber diet will lead to softer stools. If your stools are soft, you will not need to strain when going to the bathroom, and will therefore spare yourself significant pain. Certain foods that contain fiber and fiber supplements can help to soften stool.

TIP! Hemorrhoid creams can often help, but don’t use them too often. While creams numb the hemorrhoid pain, they don’t treat the irritation or swelling.

While a laxative can help you get through a particularly tough spell of hemorrhoids, do not lean on laxatives as a cure. Laxatives can help you through a rough patch, but they should not be used for any length of time.

TIP! No matter if your hemorrhoids are itchy, resist scratching them. If you scratch them, you can get an infection, and cause a lot of damage to the affected area.

Relax in a nice warm bath, keeping your knees slightly elevated. This allows the warm water to calm your hemorrhoid pain, and relieve inflammation and irritation. Lukewarm water can increase blood flow in this area which can reduce swelling and pain. You’ll feel better when you do this often.

Aloe Vera Juice

TIP! One surprising and little known way to help with hemorrhoids is by using olive oil. It may be hard to believe, but the oil actually reduces the swelling and alleviates the itching of hemorrhoids.

One way to make it easier to defecate is to consume aloe vera juice regularly. Mixing the Aloe Vera juice with apple juice can help make the flavor a little more pleasant. It is important to check the label, and follow the dosing instructions carefully. Stomach discomfort can result if the correct dosage is not consumed.

TIP! If you are not sure you have a hemorrhoid, it is important you see a doctor. It might be difficult to determine if it is a hemorrhoid or a polyp.

You should now be able to handle any hemorrhoid situation that arises. Make sure you look up other sources of information as well to add to your overall knowledge of the subject; if you do that and apply all the information, you should feel relief before you know it.